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Price: 3,000CFA / Once / Per Guest

Tout comme Joachim Noah, si vous voulez devenir un champion du monde en basket ball, RENDEZ VOUS au village Noah

Just like Joachim Noah, if you want to become a world champion in basketball, GO to the Noah village

If you want to play with friends, practice, Village Noah is the ideal destination for you

Village Noah also has a basketball academy: Marie Claire Noah Basket Ball Academy

Access prices vary depending on the period you want to access:

Between Tuesday and Thursday:

  • Adults: 5,000 F

  • Children (- 13 years old): 3,000 F

From Friday to Sunday

  • Adults: 10,000F

  • Children: 5,000F

NB: The weekend pass gives free access to the other services of the village including tennis, the swimming pool and of course you can take photos at will

For the basketball academy, the monthly fee is 15,000F

Classes take place on Wednesday from 3 p.m., Saturday from 2 p.m. and Sunday from 2 p.m. for respective durations of 2 hours or more.


3,000CFA / Once / Per Guest

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